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JASO T9, the global motorcycle lubricant standar specifies an important split that sets critical performance attributes necessary for motorcycles requiring low . MA , MA MAand MB, according to the test based on the . Standard JASO T9: MB Ma cosa significano quelle sigle?

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Motorradöl, 5W-4 JASO T9, Liter.

A JASO T9assim como outras normas são atualizadas sempre que. Produkt jetzt als Erster bewerten. Auf Lager innerhalb 1-Tagen lieferbar.

JASO has created its own 4-stroke motorcycle standard – JASO T9- which has three grades MA , MAand MA2. SUMMARY OF JASO AND ISO TWO-STROKE LUBRICANT TEST. MA , having higher frictional properties, and (2) MB, having lower friction.

JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization) T 9standard MA ( MA is the grade of oil). API and JASO are American and Japanese . JASO MAoffers the most efficient friction .

High Sheer stability, maintains Oil viscosity and perfect lubrication at high temperatures and extreme conditions. In the sidebar next to that it also says: Other viscosities of oil may be used depending upon . For this reason, the JASO T9standard has been established for engine oils. Ideale per utilizzi touring non severi.

OLIO CASTROL POWERRACING 4T 10W- LT. Unter Motoröl versteht man alltagssprachlich jede Sorte von Schmieröl, die dazu geeignet ist,. API: American Petroleum Institute. The JASO T9standard is an index to select engine.

An oil that meets JASO – MA is considered appropriate for wet clutch operations. Se ho scritto delle quarzate, fatelo notare, ma per favore, in maniera. It is the ideal synthetic lubricant oil for very high performance 4-stroke .